Be a Fundraiser

What Does it Take to be a Street Fundraiser?

Our fundraisers come from all walks of life, but there are two things they all have in common.

The first is their ability to communicate – which means they’re great at listening, as well as talking.

The second is their ability to communicate well, even after a fair few of the Great British public have given them the brush off.

So if you’re an enthusiastic, resilient person with an outgoing personality who wants to do something meaningful, you’ll fit right in.

What Does the Job Involve?

It’s a full-time, permanent role where you’d be working Monday to Friday – which means you get to keep your evenings and weekends free.

Depending on where you are, you’ll start earning between £12 – £16 per hour, the best rate in the industry.

You’ll travel to different locations within your region where you’d be inspiring members of the public to make a modest but long-term contribution to one of our partner charities.

There’s no hard-sell or commission involved. Yes, you’ll need to be able to sign people up, but you’ll be measured on your passion, enthusiasm, and how well you can engage people with the incredible work the charities do.

You just need to make it easy for well-meaning people to take the final step in making that donation they always intended to.

You can also read more about what life as a fundraiser is like here.

How Can Street Fundraising Help My Career?

In all honesty, you probably won’t want to be a street fundraiser forever.

The great news is there are team leader opportunities within the company, plus the chance to kick-start your wider charity sector career.

We also know from former colleagues that their resilience and ability to communicate with anyone improved exponentially from their time with us which has helped them win their next jobs.

Why not read about the experience of George or Shireen to discover where the experience took them, and could also take you? Or simply apply now.