Qasim has been in street fundraising for the past 13 years! What’s his take on the role and the company?

How did you start your career in fundraising?

I met a lady from Acorns in the street one day, I had never thought about it before but once I met her thought, yeah I could do that.

Did you ever imagine you would stay in fundraising?

Nope! I thought I would do it for a month, now it has been 13 years!

Is it a fulfilling career choice?

Yes, with the right motivation and determination, it is the best job in the world.

What’s the most heart-warming thing that has ever happened to you on the street?

There’s a lot of heartwarming occasions, but the main pleasure is to sign up people who were themselves helped by the charity I’m talking about.

For example adults that grew up in care but were helped to get on their feet and now want to change someone else’s life.

What’s the favourite part of what it is you do?

Inspiring people to make change, the people we speak to weren’t planning on signing up to a charity when they woke up in the morning, but after speaking to me they make the decision to give regularly and help others.

What’s the difference working for UrbanLeaf versus other street fundraising companies you may have worked for?

It is probably the best place I have worked.

It’s great that we are not target driven but are managed individually and get to strive for our individual goals.

And  the company’s leadership, values, and beliefs means that it’s a good environment all round.

What would you say to someone thinking of taking a position with UrbanLeaf?

If you are highly motivated, and have a can do attitude after you’ve been rejected, no matter the time or the weather, come on over!