Meet Shireen, who worked for UrbanLeaf for two years and is now a General Manager of a boutique gym.

How long were you a fundraiser for? 

I worked for UrbanLeaf for 2 years.

What was the best part of the job?

For me the best part was travelling to different locations every day. Before starting with UrbanLeaf I had not really ventured to far out from my home town, so everyday travelling to a different location was great as we were always meeting new people. Never the same people which made it more fun to have conversations with all walks of life!

What do you do now?

Since leaving UrbanLeaf I went on to my passion which was fitness. I went back into managing Gyms. I am now General Manager of a new boutique Studio, CLASS UFC GYM.

What vital skills did you learn during your time with UrbanLeaf?

For me it was to never take things for granted. Having worked on a few campaigns and knowing that we are so privileged with everything at the ready, this made me very humbled and never to want or take things for granted. Not only that, I also learnt how to communicate with people at different levels. Whether they were executives of big corporate companies or someone working in a grocery store, I was able to communicate and not feel intimidated by someone’s position.

How do you feel street fundraising helped you in life or in your career?

I gained so much experience and confidence as a street fundraiser. I decided to join the team to learn how to sell. Not only did I managed to generate donors for great campaigns, I also learnt life lessons, such as not taking everything for granted and valuing everything in life! It helped me a great deal in achieving my career success and being able to manage teams, leading from the front line and ensuring we are working part of a team. At no point in my General Manager career have I ever not worked with my team. I love to be social and be able to communicate with my members and working as a fundraiser this gave me the confidence and skills to be able to succeed in doing this.

What would you say to someone considering trying street fundraising?

Go for it. Not only is this a very rewarding job, this will also give you the confidence to succeed in whatever your career path may be. If I hadn’t had joined the team, I would not have known that I had the natural skills to sell or build rapport with people and may not be where I am today. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!