What We Do

As an agency we are responsible for the recruitment, training and management of fundraising staff. We also handle the booking of venues for fundraising activities, via local councils and the IOF (institute of fundraising).

Our People

Our fundraising staff are the most important aspect of Urbanleaf, and this is why we will remain small. We have to have confidence in our staff, and to do this we need to know them all very well. All our managers regularly spend time out with the teams.

We hire people who are talented, passionate and want to work with professionalism and integrity. We like our clients to meet our fundraisers.

Our fundraisers do not work on any kind of commission. They are simply paid an hourly rate of £12 – £16 per hour.

We constantly work to develop our people, because we want to keep improving our service.

The motivation behind UrbanLeaf’s existence was that face to face fundraising is an incredible fundraising medium worthy of respect, but only when done well. Between the management team we have 54 years of fundraising experience, gained from starting out as fundraisers ourselves (there are only 3 of us).

We are by far the smallest agency in the market and we are only interested in fundraising of the highest calibre, we are motivated by signing up quality donors, not quantity.

Once the donor has been signed up on the street our Care Call team contact them. This is a quality control mechanism. One aspect of this is a big ‘Thank You!’, but the most important reason is to ensure the person really wants to support and is happy with the notion of a long-term donation. It allows us to have constant feedback on our staff. We need to know that to the best of our knowledge the donor is happy and is a serious long-term supporter; only then will we process the donation. On top of this if there are donors who are serious, but only intend to donate for a year or less; we will pass these on to you without charge.

We have unquestionably the lowest complaint rate in the industry.

Time and again we are told by our clients that our attrition (unfortunately we haven’t beaten this one yet) is lower than any other agency they have worked with.

Our ultimate reason for doing what we do is to offer a great fundraising service, which results in a strong return on investment for our clients. This is reflected in our costing model.

We need to work in partnership with you in order to truly inspire our fundraisers.

When working on the creative aspect of the campaign (materials, the dialogue outline) we need you to tell us the great things about your charity, its achievements and why the cause is urgent and important.

Together we will organise an inspirational initial training session and subsequent refresher sessions during the campaign. Refresher sessions provide any useful additional information and ensure our staff stays inspired and motivated, so in turn they can keep inspiring the public on a daily basis.

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