Why We Exist

This page is a little dry, there aren’t any pictures and it’s a bit serious, but that’s because I have a serious point to make:

I read a letter in a newspaper recently and I was incensed, a member of the public had written in to complain about face to face fundraising, saying she was fed up of being asked for money by charities, in all its forms, because since she recycles plastic bags and she helps in lots of small ways, that basically “she does enough” .

The reason UrbanLeaf exists is because too many of us actually think like that. The reason we exist is because there is no enough! Try telling the world we do enough when disabled people are treated like second class citizens, when there are 15 million children orphaned by AIDS whilst there are 10 million children in the sex trade and every year around 150,000 people die from cancer in the UK alone.

The suffering that charities alleviate won’t go away by itself, it’s hard work and it costs money. We (UrbanLeaf) don’t directly solve these problems, we’re not doctors or politicians, we don’t have the ability to care for the sick, or make governments treat their or other people well, but we are good at talking to people and getting them to understand the suffering and injustice and getting them to want to help.

By raising money every day, we give a voice to those fighting for equal rights, put the vaccinations in the hands of the doctors, pay for the carers that look after the sick and help the scientists discover cures.

As long as there are problems, there will be kind hearted people willing to dedicate their lives to solving them. They will always need money to do what they do and so people like us will need to get it for them.

The people who work for us are dedicated, hard working, talented professionals. Fundraising is what they do best, what they enjoy and most importantly it works.

If you have a cause that you would like us to use that talent to raise money for, or you think you have the talent yourself, have a read of the rest of our site and if you get the urge get in touch.


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